Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 09:00 hrs, Hotel Sun n Sand, Pune
CII Workshop on
The "Secret" of Enhancing Business Performance and Competitiveness

Over the time markets become saturated, and products & technologies mature. To stay in the game, companies must continuously develop new value propositions for their markets and to assure a company’s livelihood, new value propositions must be real breakthroughs. The companies that are unable to differentiate are relegated to fighting for business based almost exclusively on price.
Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an overall management philosophy, which was introduced by the business management guru, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his book titled ‘The Goal’. According to Goldratt, organizational performance is dictated by limiting factors (constraints).TOC adopts the common idiom "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link." This implies that no matter how well organizations perform, they are vulnerable because the weakest process or person or part can limit their performance.
In this one-day session, you and your team will learn a powerful process to stimulate good ideas, evaluate their merit, and structure the right business model to turn the idea to a growing profitable business.Explore and better understand the challenge of business growth and performance enhancement, understand the key reasons for the difficulties and get introduced to a path that is likely to deliver consistent improvement in business performance and competitiveness

Taking this as an agenda and an effort Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) along with Nihilent Technologies is organizing a day “Workshop on The "Secret" of Enhancing Business Performance and Competitiveness” on 16 June 2015 at Hotel Sun n Sand, Pune.

The workshop will help you answer the following fundamental questions:
·         How to come up with the next powerful value proposition for the market?
·         How to align all needed stakeholders to support it?
·         How to convert the idea to a successful business?

Mr Mickey Granot , Partner, Tefen Management Consulting
Mickey Granot is a partner with Tefen Management Consulting, a global management consulting, headquartered out of Israel and focused on delivering performance excellence to its clients. Prior to joining Tefen Mickey was a key contributor to the development and the delivery of the Theory Of Constraints (TOC). For more than 15 years Mickey was a partner and the leader of the creation of the Goldratt Group worldwide. Mickey led the process that brought the companies from an idea to being fully operational in the US, Europe, Japan, South America, China, India and South Africa.

Who can attend?

·         CEOs, CMDs & CMOs 
·         R&D / NPD Heads
·         Marketing Heads
·         Professionals from Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Media and Digital
·         SMEs, Startups and Young entrepreneurs
·         Brand and Business Consultants
Workshop Details and topic covered:

 Understanding competitiveness and business performance
 The common approached for improving competitiveness and business performance
 Why are the common ways not enough?
 What else can be done?
 Is it possible? What is the meaning of answering "no"?
 The Process of continuously growing the performance and competitiveness gap

Given this background, I have great pleasure in extending an invitation to you and your colleagues to participate in this Workshop. Kindly confirm your participation / nominations through the attached
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In case you seek any further details, please feel free to connect with my colleague Mr Roshan Kumar
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Looking forward to receive your kind response and confirmation.